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RVMPLUS machine

About RVMPLUS machine

Hardware Sales or Leasing: RVM offers RVM machines for sale or lease to businesses, municipalities, and organizations interested in deploying recycling infrastructure. Revenue is generated through the sale or leasing of RVM hardware.

Maintenance and Support Services: RVM provides maintenance and support services for RVM machines, including installation, repairs, waste collection destined for the recycling facility, and ongoing technical support. These services are offered on a subscription or pay-per-use basis, generating recurring revenue.

Customization and Integration: RVM offers customization and integration services to tailor RVM machines to the specific needs and branding requirements of clients. Additional fees are charged for customizations and integrations, contributing to revenue generation.

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About Specifications

Power supply parameters:Main power parameter: voltage 220V-240V~/frequency 50Hz.
Power consumption:Standby power consumption: 150W-500W.
Current:Standby operating current: 1.4A-5.8A
Size:Dimensions: W 1000 x D 940 x H 1920 mm.
Weight:Lightweight design at 320kg.
Environment:Humidity: maximum relative humidity of 90%, non-condensing. Temperature: 0°C-60°C (32F-104F) /Machine designed for indoor and partially outdoor placement.
Network connection:LAN interface (Ethernet TCP/IP) /4G/Independent maintenance management system/original memory Win10/8G/. Industrial i5 motherboard: SV1a-H1116P.
User interaction:27-inch capacitive touchscreen. Resolution: WSUVGA+(WSUGA/HDTV)1920(H)X1080(W)
Colour support:16.7M, 68%(CIE1931)
Audio support:Adjustable volume
Recognition program:2D code identification (external)/Double-security identification (external)/V barcode identification (internal) / Weighing identification (internal) / Image identification for fraud prevention (internal) / Camera surveillance for fraud prevention (internal) / Deodorization identification (internal) / Overfill identification (internal).
Recycle bin capacity:0.7m³ (15-20kgs)
Sensor accessories:2D scanner + Barcode scanner + Anti-trapping sensor + Weighing sensor + Ultrasonic sensor + Drop detection sensor + Zone deodorizer. Weight sensor Ultrasonic sensor + Droplet detection + Zone deodorizer + Overfill sensor. Ultrasonic overfill sensor

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